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1 Year Target Course (For Droppers)

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1 Time Target Course (For Droppers)

One time online classroom program for NEET is designed by a platoon of experts (IITians and Medicos) for class 12th and 12th pass- eschewal scholars. This course module will cover the entire syllabus of 11th and 12th for Physics, Chemistry and Biology which helps scholars to score good marks in NEET and class 12th Board examinations.
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NEET 1 Time Online Course Features and Benefits

Online Live Classes
Online Live Classes 450 hours of live and 2- way interactive classes from the stylish online NEET faculty of India where scholars can interact through voice or converse and bandy as numerous dubieties as possible. These are like normal coaching classes, the only difference is that you'll attend classes from NEET/ PMT good educated preceptors at your home for NEET medication.
Note The classes will be 6 days in a week and 2 Hours in a day.

Recordings of Classes
All the live classes which scholars are taking with Sameer's Seek O Junction are recorded for future reference, so that scholars can see them anytime in future and revise everything in a betterway.However, also also it'll be recorded and he/ she can watch the same class latterly at any time, If the pupil misses a class due to any reason.

Proper Monitoring and Feedback
Through the online platform of Sameer's Seek O Junction, parents can keep a close eye on their child’s performance and enhancement. The classes will be conducted in the evening time at your own demesne. Parents can also see the recorded classes anytime to check the progress and participation of the pupil.
Particular Attention and Focus
Sameer's Seek O Junction pays complete attention to every pupil through online live classes, because of the lowest batch size of 20 Scholars only. Every class and test will be analysed by the experts. Scholars and parents will be informed, if the pupil isn't performing according to the required position

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